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  • Underspeed switch

    Underspeed switch Underspeed switches are primarily used to monitor the speed of belts or other rotating equipment. The underspeed switchContact Now

  • Iron remover

    Iron remover Overview: ◎RCD series electromagnetic iron remover is suspended above the head or middle of the belt conveyor. The strong magnetic foContact Now

  • Tear switch

    Tear switch The tear switch can provide an interlock signal to the monitor or turn off the conveyor when the belt is present due to tearing, puncContact Now

  • Pull switch

    Pull switch The pull switch is generally installed on both sides of the conveyor for emergency shutdown of the equipment to maintain the safety oContact Now

  • Anti-bias switch

    Anti-bias switch The anti-bias switch is a sensing component that detects the deviation of the belt of the conveyor. It can announce the signal accordContact Now