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Anti-bias switch

Anti-bias switch

Product Details

The anti-bias switch is a sensing component that detects the deviation of the belt of the conveyor. It can announce the signal according to the deviation of the belt, complete the automatic alarm and stop, and prevent belt damage and continuous deviation.

When the belt is deflected, the belt pushes the action arm to deflect, and the micro switch is actuated to announce the alarm signal. If the continuous stop position is violated and the other set of contacts is pulled, the conveyor will stop mechanically.

The anti-biasing switch is usually installed 0.3-2m away from the head or tail of the conveyor. Usually it is paired on both sides of the conveyor. It can be fixed on the top or bottom of the longitudinal beam of the conveyor. The distance between the action rod and the edge of the belt is about 25-75mm. .

Anti-bias switch features:

The versatile structural design can be mounted on the top or bottom of the conveyor stringers.

Rugged cast aluminum housing with IP65 protection.

Integral cover for easy wiring and adjustment.

The rear case can be removed without removing the action lever.

The action rod bearing has an additional speed of 5000 rpm and is suitable for belt speeds up to 6.35 m/s.

The normal angle of the action rod is ±22.5 degrees.

The actuating lever can be moved in both directions for easy symmetrical positioning on both sides of the conveyor.

When the anti-bias switch specification is set to a normal angle of 10 degrees, the alarm contact action, and the stop contact action when the normal angle is 20 degrees.

Anti-bias switch use scale

Conventional belt conveyors, including flat belt conveyors and trough belt conveyors

Underground, ropeway support belt conveyor

Ship handling system

Flat belt conveyor

Stacking conveyor

Crane / excavator boom limit

Skirt feeder/conveyor

Heavy duty limit switch