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Pull switch

Pull switch

Product Details

The pull switch is generally installed on both sides of the conveyor for emergency shutdown of the equipment to maintain the safety of personnel or equipment.

One end of the wire rope of the pull switch is fixed on a fixed wire bolt, and the other end is fixed on the switch arm. The wire rope is supported by a perforated bolt every three meters. The distance from the switch to the fixed point should not exceed 24 meters. The distance between the two switches Should not exceed 48 meters. When the external force causes the switch arm to rotate to the alarm position, the micro switch is activated and locked until it is manually reset. The specification of the pull switch is IP65, which is suitable for the device in the room. The surface can be used in acid, alkali and salt areas after special treatment. Our company also produces and operates weightless scales.

Pull switch features:

The universal internal structure design, the tie rod is touched in both directions, and the switch can be installed in the middle of the conveyor or at both ends.

The universal device design can be installed on the top of the conveyor stringer or on both sides.

Rugged cast aluminum housing with IP65 protection.

The integral rear casing makes wiring and adjustment easy and simple, and can be operated without removing the pull rod.

The structure is compact.

The eye-catching black arm provides a black or silver casing for easy identification of alarms or normal conditions.

Completely supplied accessories, including wire ropes, rope clamps and cable support bolts.

Manual lever reset.