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Tear switch

Tear switch

Product Details

The tear switch can provide an interlock signal to the monitor or turn off the conveyor when the belt is present due to tearing, puncture, damage to the knot, or when the sharp object protrudes out of the belt to avoid further losses.

The tear switch should be installed in pairs on both sides of the belt and connected by two sections of wire rope (the wire rope has a polyethylene jacket). One end of the cord is permanently attached to the support bracket and the other end is attached to the spring ball on the tear switch. The steel cords at both ends form a closed loop that conforms to the belt groove type under the belt. When a belt with objects removed or torn is suspended and one or two steel ropes are swept away, the spring ball is pulled out of the base, causing two microswitches to signal an alarm or turn off the conveyor.

Tear switch features:

The structure is simple and firm, no need to protect

Universal chassis design for easy installation

For corrosive environments, nickel plating can be used on the exterior of the case.

Integrated rear housing for easy wiring and maintenance

Large capacity switch contact

The force can be triggered by only 2.0KG.