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Sampling system

Sampling system

Product Details

A sampling system for volatile organic compounds in sewage, which comprises a sewage pipeline disposed on a sewage sewage pipeline, and the sewage pipeline is sequentially connected with an inlet valve, a desuperheater, a diluter and a water outlet pipe, and an outlet pipe A sampling line is provided, and the diluter is connected to the dilution water line.

Equipment composition:

The OLS Auger Sampling Machine is a convenient, simple and economical sampling tool for collecting samples from trains, car compartments, barge cabins and leaky material piles. It consists of a hanger reducer motor, a coupling, a hydraulic cylinder, and a drive shaft. Spiral, drill number composition.

Equipment principle:

The O-helical drill sampler drives the spiral body and the drill bit by a geared motor, which causes the rotary well to lift the material. The subsample enters the sample hopper, and the remaining material is discharged from the hopper. The well is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to open the gate after collecting enough subsamples. Put the material into the hopper.

Features and benefits of the equipment:

1. Complete fast and reliable sampling to get up to 40 cars per hour;

2. Rugged and compact structure design, the protection amount can be reduced to the low limit of zui;

The primary sampling reduction ratio of 3.1/2-1/12 can reduce the residual material to a lower limit;

4. Easy to install. Safe and secure, the equipment is easy to maintain and protect.