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Auger sampling machine

Auger sampling machine

Product Details

LSC type auger sampling machine

Equipment composition:

◎ LS spiral drilling sampler is a convenient, simple, reliable and economical sampling tool for collecting samples in trains, car compartments, barge cabins and leaky material piles. It consists of a hanger reducer motor, a coupling, a hydraulic cylinder, a drive shaft, a spiral body, and a drill bit number.

Equipment principle:

◎The auger sampling machine drives the spiral body and the drill bit by the gear motor, rotates it and lifts the material. The sub-sample enters the sample collection hopper, and the residual material is discharged from the waste hopper. After the collected sub-sample is collected, the hydraulic cylinder drives the well to open the material door and enter the material into the hopper.

The sampler (autosampler) is a device selected from a batch of materials to obtain a sample whose test results represent the entire batch of sampled materials. There are many types of sampling machines, and the structure of sampling machines used in different industries and different places is also different.

Features and strengths of the equipment:

1. Achieve fast, robust sampling with a capacity of up to 40 cars per hour;

2. Rugged and compact structure design, the protection amount can be reduced to the low limit of zui;

The primary sampling reduction ratio of 3.1/2-1/12 can reduce the residual material to a lower limit;

4. The device is convenient, safe and reliable, and the equipment is easy to maintain and protect.