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Auger drilling sample preparation system

Auger drilling sample preparation system

Product Details

LS series auger drilling sample preparation system

LSQ bridge type:

◎The picture shows a typical bridge-type spiral drilling sample preparation system consisting of bridge type trolley, mobile trolley, auger sampling machine and driving equipment sample preparation equipment, electrical control system and so on. The characteristic of the system is that the bridge type car moves in the front and rear direction on the trajectory of the light steel structure. The mobile trolley is mounted on the rail of the bridge and moves in the left and right direction, and the auger moves up and down. Such spatial coordinate motion can actually sample any point in any car.

Features and advantages of door and bridge auger sampling system:

1. Door (bridge) type trolley, mobile trolley, auger are linear motion, and the telecontrol is stable and firm;

2. It can be fully automated by using touch screen, industrial computer and other equipment;

3. Single sampling time is short. At the same time, our company also has various weightless scales . Customers in need are welcome to inquire.

LSM type door type:

◎The picture shows the door type auger drilling sample preparation system. The system is installed on the door type cart by the door type trolley and the mobile trolley. It moves parallel and perpendicular to the axis of the train track, and the auger moves up and down, so that it can complete any one. At any point in the car, the remaining material is returned to the sampling point. The auger sampler and the upper and lower drive equipment, all the sample preparation equipment, the electric control cabinet and the operation room are connected with the mobile trolley and move with the trolley.