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Belt head sampler

Belt head sampler

Product Details

TS belt head sampler

Equipment composition:

◎TS type rotary head sampler is a fast, reliable, simple and economical collection tool for collecting sample samples from the falling parts of the belt head. It is developed on the basis of introducing advanced foreign technology. New sampling machine.

The TS type rotary head sampler is composed of a brake motor, a reducer, a coupling, a bearing, a semi-cone sampling funnel, a proximity switch, a steel structure supporting structure and a cover.

How the device works:

◎ Rotating funnel sampler working time is controlled by interval timer. The motor with brake function is mounted on the steel structure support frame to drive and stop the sampling funnel. The sampling funnel samples one sample per revolution, and the sample passes through the blanking take-over. Flows into the next level of equipment, and the sampling interval is set and adjusted by the PLC control system.

Design features and advantages:

1. Use belt width up to 2200 mm

2. The standard sampling system can sample materials with a particle size of 150 mm. The modified system has a large sampling size of up to 400 mm.

3. The parts required for daily inspection are less

4. Low energy consumption

5. The moving parts are less