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Belt head sampling system

Belt head sampling system

Product Details

SLC-TS belt head sampling system

System work process:

◎ The working process of the system is as follows: the rotary head sampler is programmed according to the programmed procedure. At every certain time, the sampling head rotates one week, and a subsample is collected from the material flow falling from the head of the belt, and the sample passes through the slip tube to enter the sample. The feeder and the feeder continuously and uniformly input the primary sample into the crusher, and the broken sample is subsampled and reduced by the secondary sampling machine, and the final sample enters the collection tank, and the residual material in the system enters the logistics guess. in.

System features and strengths:

1. Select PLC skills, high degree of automation, and reliable operation.

2. The system is compact in design, space saving, and suitable for low-altitude installation.

3. The remaining material falls from the slip tube by gravity, and no residual material processing equipment is needed.

4. Careful design and material selection to prevent blocking and spreading.

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