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Belt middle sampling machine

Belt middle sampling machine

Product Details

ZS belt middle sampling machine

Equipment composition:

◎ZS type rotary type sampling machine is a convenient, single, reliable and economical sampling thing for collecting subsamples directly from the moving belt conveyor. It can be used as a separate sampling machine or as a separate sampler. A set of primary sampling machine used in a variety of samples, ZS type rotary sampling machine, is composed of brake motor, reducer, coupling, bucket sampler, close switch, support structure frame and so on.

Features and strengths:

1. Compact design for low space installations.

2. The device is simple and can be directly fixed to existing or new conveyors.

3. The sampling machine is equipped with a skirt to prevent material from scattering.

4. The sampling speed is fast, the amount of subsamples is small, and the crushing and shrinking load of the next stage is reduced. Therefore, the system cost is low.

5. Non-touch proximity switch is used for starting and stopping control, safe and reliable.

6. The sampling head is equipped with a counterweight to eliminate the eccentric load.

working principle:

◎When working, the distance timer starts the sampling motor, the sampling bucket rotates for one week to scrape the material on the belt, and the sample is sent to the feeding port until the proximity switch senses and sends a control signal, the motor is powered off and the brake is applied. The sampling bucket is stopped and stored in the upper part of the discharge port, and the time timer starts to count until the next sampling period is again operated, and the timing distance sampling is performed.