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Batching system

Batching system

Product Details

SL3000 Series Batching System

System composition and characteristics:

1. Collecting and batching system JGC series weighing feeder (LSC or ICS and other measuring equipment). Weighing display manipulator, programmable manipulator, industrial control computer and system software.

2. The good calculation performance of the weighing feeder provides accurate and stable basic data for the system;

3. Instrument function: active calibration, active zero adjustment, active adjustment interval, active diagnosis of defects, power outage data maintenance;

4. It has multiple algorithms of PID and can realize manual/active bumpless switching;

5. Single machine start and stop, sequential start and stop, material tail tail alignment, interlocking and unlocking of upper and lower level equipment;

6. According to different feeding equipment, you can choose variable frequency controller, slip speed control device, etc.; according to different feeding methods at different sites or the same site. Such as: disc feeder, electric vibrating machine feeding, belt feeding, screw feeding, etc.

Control method.

Structural features

◎SL3000 batching system is an industrial control system designed according to the principle of centralized and dangerous dispersion. It has advanced technology, complete functions, flexible use and reliable operation.

◎ When the material passes through the weighing feeder, its component signal and speed signal are sent to the totalizer. Flow and accumulation are visualized by processing operations. The partner totalizer outputs a current signal (4-20mADC or 0-20mADC) proportional to the flow rate to the intelligent single-loop conditioner, and the intelligent single-loop conditioner calculates the control current according to the user-set PI.D parameter and the self-tuning method. (4-20mADC) to the motor conditioning manipulator, and then adjust the belt running speed, to achieve the purpose of stable control of the amount of feed;

◎On the one hand, the upper computer will send the matching signal to each conditioner through the RS-485 interface (single release or release by share); the computer totalizer will be loaded and flowed into the machine for construction. Display, print, on the other hand, through the RS-32C interface to communicate with the PLC, read and display the orientation of the batch car, the material level of the silo, the alarm output and so on.