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Product Details


◎S LC-40S type reducer is directly installed on the sample conveyor, and together with the belt sample conveyor constitutes the sample feeder, which functions as sample transportation and shrinkage. The reducer consists of a brake motor, a speed reducer, a rotary bucket sampling head, a proximity switch and a steel bracket with a shield.

Features and benefits of the device:

◎The head of the sampling scraper is provided with a rubber scraper to ensure that the full section of the coal flow can be scraped intact without damaging the belt. The stainless steel plate is lined at the drop opening to avoid the fine and high viscosity materials here. accumulation.

Rotary reducer:

◎The machine has a split rotating device that rotates at a constant speed to pass the falling material. The cone-reducing unit directly driven by the motor is sealed and can be operated in a non-polluting environment. The cone splitter is driven by a continuously variable transmission for stepless adjustment.

Equipment working principle and process:

◎The device has a split rotating device that rotates through the falling material at a constant speed. When the system is working, the machine replaces the subsampler with the particle size requirement after crushing, and directly divides the sample into the sample and the sample according to the reduced ratio of the reservation. The sample is directly entered into the sample tank, and the sample is discarded. Return the system back to the main belt (or enter the next level belt).