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Sintered ore sampling system

Sintered ore sampling system

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◎After the system is started, the head sampler takes a certain amount of sample from the main belt blanking stream according to the set sampling period and feeds it into the primary belt feeder. After the belt is shaped, the material is slowly and evenly transported forward. At this time, according to the requirements of switching the direction of the tee, the sample can be separately entered into two different processes.

Screening particle size analysis:

◎The sample is fed to the five-stage vibrating screen through the primary belt feeder, and the three-way tube is evenly distributed into five grades of <10mm, 10-16, 16-25mm, 25-40mm, >40mm. The respective components are weighed into the corresponding weighing hoppers to obtain the state of the granular composition.

Analysis of drum strength:

◎ In the screening particle size analysis stage, the control system not only calculates the percentage of each particle level, but also calculates the mass of each subsample. When the drum strength experiment is required, according to the requirements of GB8209, when the cumulative sampling amount reaches 120KG, The 10-16mm, 16-25mm, 25-40mm grain size is fed into the drum through the conveyor belt conveyor and the drum weighing drum with 150kg as required, and then the drum is automatically dumped into the sifting screen. The national standard separates the materials of <0.5 mm 0.5-6.3 mm> 6.3 mm and weighs the respective components, and calculates the drum index T of the sintered ore and the anti-wear index A.