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Residual material processing equipment

Residual material processing equipment

Product Details

There are several ways to deal with the remaining material:

Gravity chute

2. Belt conveyor

3. Screw conveyor

4. Bucket elevator

O sometimes needs the combination of the above two devices to complete the recovery of the surplus material.

Sample collector:

O Linkang can supply you with a rotary sample collector of 4-16 stations. It is also capable of supplying a single sample canister, and the sample collector has a sealed cover that is dust-proof and waterproof.

The OJY-R sample collector consists of a drive motor, a reducer, a position sensor, a rotating platform, a sample tank, a sealed steel frame, etc., and automatically collects and packages the final samples under the control of the PLC.

1. The device is sealed, with dustproof, waterproof and lost functions.

2. Can be automated by PLC control, packaging

3. The collected sample reduces the occurrence of secondary pollution

4. After the collector is assembled in the workshop, the whole is shipped for easy installation.

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