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Sample crusher

Sample crusher

Product Details

Equipment introduction:

O Linkang can supply various types of domestic or imported crushers. To get used to different materials. Mainly used for coal, coal gangue, slag, shale, coke, 10,000-lead ore, siderite, loose limestone, sphalerite, limonite and other materials with a crushing resistance of not more than 150 Mpa. The types of crushers are: hammer crushers, double rotor crushers, roller crushers and jaw crushers.

The SLC series does not block the crusher:

The OSLC series of non-blocking hammer crushers is a sample crusher developed on the basis of the technology of the American Pennsylvania Crusher Company, Jerry Company and British Lightning Crusher Company.

Features and benefits of the equipment:

1. Uniform particle size, less material damage, high output and low energy consumption

2. The upper shell of the crusher can be opened openly, which makes the replacement of wearing parts more convenient, shortens the downtime, and facilitates maintenance.

3. The discharge port is a sieve rod device, and the arrangement from dense to sparse will not block the crushing chamber.

4. The feed port is provided with a material dredging device to avoid material bypass (the dredger is driven by the cylinder or cylinder)

5. There is no special requirement for the appearance moisture of the material, especially suitable for crushing wet and sticky materials without clogging.