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Central sampling system

Central sampling system

Product Details

System use and composition:

◎The central sampling method refers to the way in which the primary sampling device is directly collected from the moving horizontal or inclined conveyor belt in the middle position of the belt conveyor. The picture on this page shows a typical middle-level two-stage sample preparation system. The system consists of a rotary center sampler, a primary sample feeder, a hammer crusher, a secondary sample feeder, a secondary sampler and a residual material. Processing equipment and other components.

System work process:

◎ The working process of the system is as follows: the primary sampling machine follows the programmed procedure, and the sampling head rotates once a week to collect the sub-samples. The sub-samples enter the sample feeder through the slip tube, and the feeders connect the sub-samples evenly. It is sent to the crusher, the crusher is crushed according to the regular grain size requirements, and the broken sample enters the secondary sampler for secondary sampling and reduction. After all, the sample enters the sample collection tank, and is transported by the bucket elevator or the screw feeder. Wait for the device to return to the main material stream.

System features and strengths:

1. Select PLC technology, high degree of automation, reliable travel.

2. The system is compact in planning, saves space, and is suitable for low-altitude devices.

3. The unit structure is convenient for on-site assembly.

4. Careful planning and selection of materials to effectively avoid blocking and spreading.