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O SY3001 weighing controller is a new generation of fieldbus products developed by our company based on the actual experience of domestic industrial ingredients and combined with international advanced level intelligent appearance technology. It is presented in both Chinese and English. It is simple in operation, long-term reliable and stable, and easy to calibrate. And equipped with a common gatekeeper] dog circuit and active reset circuit, the appearance of the microprocessor, with a non-volatile memory EPROM. Equipped with a 16-bit A/D converter, high-precision PID conditioning with high accuracy. The characteristics of the response are fast, the appearance interface adopts a friendly man-machine dialogue method, the small screen Chinese (Chinese characters adopt 16X16 dot matrix) appears, and the button adopts a light touch anti-corrosion keyboard, which is easy to operate.

OSY3001 weighing instrument has multiple input/output, multiple communication protocols, and can be directly connected with peripheral devices such as host computer, inverter, programmable controller (PLC) printer or network system. The appearance can be active zero calibration. Diagnosis, high flow rate, low flow alarm, etc., can be communicated through the host computer, or through the 4-20MA analog quantity for flow setting, the appearance of the PID calculation according to the flow, control the drive position, and thus reach the control intention.

Utility features:

O accuracy: better than 0.25%

O dot matrix Chinese character fluorescence and liquid crystal display

O scrolling, drop-down menu method

O shows instantaneous flow, cumulative weight, overflow alarm status

O can display the original parameter value, new input value, operation status prompt

O can display zero point value, tare value, gross weight value, A/D conversion digital value, speed sensor pulse number

The O32-bit microprocessor non-volatile memory EPROM, the calibration data input by the keyboard is stored in the CMOS RAM with the back battery for several decades.

1 alarm and control functions, with sound and light alarm function and output control function

O touch button input, dot matrix digital screen shows input status and prompts

O analog signal input: 0-20mv and 30mv

0 second analog output; 4-20MV and 0.5VDC

O communication interface: RS-232C/RS-485C//RS422/Profibus-DP/CANBUS/Ethernet

OPID manipulation:

1. Share 5-500% ratio range

2. Integration: 0.01-10min

3. Differential: 0.01-10min

Primary technical parameters:

0 storage temperature: -40 ° C -70 ° C

O operating temperature: -10 ° C -50 ° C

O relative temperature: <95%

O power supply: 220VAC (+10%~-15%) 50HZ