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Valve weighing feeder

Valve weighing feeder

Product Details

WLS-X/F series micro star/valve weighing feeder

O star feeder: also known as unloader, rotary feeder. Reverse feeder, airlock. Air lock.

working principle:

0 is driven by the motor to rotate the impeller shaft, and the blade rolls in the star cavity. At least two sides of the blade are tightly touched with the casing to achieve an outstanding sealing effect, so the blade has two effects:

1) Transport material: 2) Sealed from the outside.

Scope of application:

O The equipment is used to, colored, ferrous metal, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, oleochemical, ventilation and dust removal industries. The drive equipment is not equipped with a foundation, compact structure, small footprint, easy installation, minimal protection and repair, customary automation


Custom materials:

1) The control of the continuous, intermittent and proportioning of the fine particles of the powder is carried out. The material of this kind is serious, boring, and has small particle size and good fluidity, and is not easy to accumulate.

2) More viscous liquid, fluid, easy to stick to the wall.

3): The higher temperature discharge process.

Measurement method:

1) Matching feedstock

2) Continuous uniform feeding

3) Precise intermittent feeding

0 good sealing, easy to control flow. Environmental protection: good sealing, no internal or external leakage, no dust. Equipped with filtration equipment.