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High precision electronic belt scale

High precision electronic belt scale

Product Details

ICS-14A, 14B high precision electronic belt scale

Scope of application:

OISC-14 high-precision electronic belt scale is installed on a belt conveyor with a small point of view. A fully suspended weighing bridge is used. This type of bridge, without fulcrum and movable parts, the long-term stability of this type of electronic belt scale and the high precision of weighing are unmatched by other electronic belt scales.

0 products are mainly suitable for industrial sites with high on-site process requirements or trade settlement.

Weighing bridge:

0 holographic floating structure, optional AB two ways, no trunnion fulcrum and movable parts, small maintenance;

The structure of the O unit has few force transmission links, and the device is simple and convenient:

0 unique rectangular lever, good rigidity, no deformation, good zero stability;

O resistance to lateral forces and resistance to horizontal component forces, effectively reducing the impact of belt deviation and blanking offset on system accuracy;

O four load cells are less affected by eccentric load. Smooth, the metering accuracy is quite high;

O weighing area is wide, and three or four sets of tows reduce the deviation of the belt deviation and blanking offset on the accuracy of the system;

0 Dust is large and acid. In the special occasions of corrosiveness such as city and salt, the scale frame is made of stainless steel or treated with anti-corrosion treatment;