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High-precision electronic belt scale manufacturers

High-precision electronic belt scale manufacturers

Product Details

ICS-17A, 17B high precision electronic belt scale

An electronic belt scale is an active scale that continuously weighs bulk material on a conveyor belt without subdividing the mass or perhaps stopping the movement of the conveyor belt.

ICS-17A, 17B high-precision electronic belt scale structure features:

The structure is simple, the force transmission link is small, and the device is simple and convenient;

Common rectangular lever, good rigidity and no deformation;

Anti-backward force, resistance to horizontal component, effective reduction of belt deviation and blanking offset on system accuracy;

The 17A type weighing area is wide, and the four sets of rollers make the influence of the belt symmetrical weight small;

Type 17B double idler, weighing area is 17A, 1/2, shorter, suitable for belt conveyor with short feeding distance;

Collision-free rubber trunnion support, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, vibration-damping;

The two load cells are affected by the eccentric load with small, stable and high precision;

The main technical parameters:

◎System accuracy: ±0.125% weighing scale: 1~8000t/h

◎ Belt width: 500~2400mm Belt speed: 0~4.0m/s

◎ Belt conveyor inclination: <6° (special material ≤ 10°)

Working conditions and equipment conditions

◎ Ambient temperature: Mechanical: -20°C~+50°C Instrument: -10°C~50°C

◎Power supply voltage: 220V (+10%, -15%) 50Hz±2%