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High precision electronic belt scale

High precision electronic belt scale

Product Details

ICS-20A, 20B, 30A high precision electronic belt scale

The scale structure of the electronic belt scale load-bearing equipment mainly includes four types of double-lever multi-roller type, single-tray type, cantilever type and suspension type. The electronic belt scale of the double-lever multi-roller type and the suspension type scale has a long measuring section, generally 2 to 8 sets of rollers, and has high measurement accuracy, and is suitable for a place with large flow rate and high measurement accuracy.

ICS-20A, 20B, 30A type high-precision electronic belt scale structure features:

The structure is simple, the force transmission link is small, and the installation is simple and convenient;

Unique rectangular lever, good rigidity and no deformation;

Frictionless rubber trunnion support, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, vibration-damping;

Anti-lateral force, anti-horizontal force component, effectively reduce the impact of belt deviation and blanking offset on system accuracy;

The load cell is of the pull type, which is convenient to adjust, flexible, reliable and high precision;

Model 30A adopts a non-lever full suspension structure, single idler, small weighing area, mainly used on belt conveyors with short center distance of discharge port, or belt conveyors with variable inclination at any time, such as Stacker and reclaimer.