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High precision micro weighing feeder

High precision micro weighing feeder

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WLS series high precision micro weighing feeder

WLS series micro weighing feeder is a series of weighing equipment newly developed by our company. This series of weighing equipment uses a resistance strain gauge load cell and a weighing display manipulator and the necessary mechanical system to form a fixed weighing instrument. There are two series of weight loss type and weight type, which are mainly used for the measurement of fine powder and viscous materials. It is especially accustomed to materials that are more important, fluid, dry, and dusty on-site. The same is also an aspirational environmental protection equipment.

The micro-weighing feeding equipment is composed of four parts: the measuring hopper, the discharging mechanism, the weighing control system and the signal communication. The degree of automation is high and the unattended operation can be completed.

The weighing hopper is provided with a broken arch, cloth, shunt, anti-shock, and extra-bucket filtering structure. The discharging part has large and small flow control, and the mixing speed controls the amount of material to be fed. The novel design of the above two parts has been declared patent.

This series of equipment can be designed according to the different conditions of the user and the materials to be transported. Manufacturing materials are available in both carbon steel and stainless steel.