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Chain feeder

Chain feeder

Product Details

LGC-40 chain plate feeder


◎Frequency control, slip speed control optional, is the ideal equipment for high temperature clinker, high precision.

The chain plate machine is an abbreviation for the chain plate conveyor. A plate-shaped member is added between the chains on both sides of the chain conveyor to reach the irregular type of conveyance type, special fixtures are installed on the chain plate, and the installation line can be used as the installation line according to the industrial control requirements, or the steel flat roof can be directly used. Chain or stainless steel flat top chain as a carrier. Curved transport is possible.

1. Applicable to a wide scale. In addition to materials with particularly high viscosity, generally solid materials and components can be transported with it;

2, shipping can be big.

3. The traction chain has high strength and can be used for long distance transportation;

4. The transportation line is placed in a sensitive manner. Compared with the mesh belt conveyor, the chain conveyor can be transported under a large inclination angle and a small tortuous radius, so that the placement is more sensitive. The chain conveyor has an inclination of 30°-35°, and the meandering radius is generally about 5-8 m;

5. Various processes such as sorting, drying, cooling or installation can be carried out during transportation;

6, the operation is stable and reliable. If you want to know the ingredients system , please pay attention to our official website!

Technical Parameters:

Feeding scale: 0.5-80t/h

Feeding accuracy: better than ±1%

Working temperature: ≤400°C