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Spiral weighing feeder

Spiral weighing feeder

Product Details

LSC type spiral weighing feeder

The weighing screw feeder can effectively solve the problem of arching and punching of the feeder when weighing and conveying the powdery material. In terms of the poor fluidity and strong viscosity of the powdery material, the spiral weighing feeder incorporates advanced steady flow technology, improves the feeding skill, ensures that the powder is evenly sunk, is not easy to arch, and is not easy to punch. Material, and then ensure the smoothness of the screw weighing feeder to feed.


◎LSC type spiral weighing feeder is a production and measurement equipment for conveying powder, bulk materials in succession, dynamic metering and handling feeding. According to the process requirements, the flow and flow direction of the material passing through the screw conveyor are controlled, and the metering is completed to meet the production process requirements and the automation is completed.

◎ Widely used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, chemical, port, building materials, ceramics, food and other industries.

working principle:

◎ When the material is cut from the feed port by the impeller screw, the electronic weighing device under the screw conveyor is mainly composed of weighing pipe, trunnion fulcrum and load cell. At this time, The load cell detects the component of the material and produces a voltage signal proportional to the load of the weighing lever; together, the speed sensor mounted at the end of the screw conveyor detects the speed of the spindle of the screw conveyor.

◎ The component signal and the velocity signal are received by the totalizer, and the integral flow value and the cumulative component value are obtained after the integral operation.

System composition and characteristics:

◎ Sealing structure to reduce dust and dust;

◎ dynamic metering combined with spiral conveying materials;

◎Frequency control and stable operation, reliable (optional);

◎ Electronic automatic measurement calibration coefficient, automatic zero adjustment;

◎ dynamic zero point nonlinear output characteristics for stalking;

◎ digital pulse generator, providing a reliable speed