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Belt scale chain code calibration device

Belt scale chain code calibration device

Product Details

CLM type belt scale chain code calibration device

Use range:

◎CLM electronic belt scale international sharing series specification chain code. In line with the regulations of the People's Republic of China metrological verification regulations JJG650-90, it is an imitation load specification device. It can be used as a calibration calibrator for electronic belt scales and weighing feeders. If the optional hoisting equipment is selected, it is more convenient to calibrate and correct the measurement accuracy of the electronic belt scale.

working principle:

◎ After the electronic belt scale is zeroed, the weight of the standard weight dynamically simulates the material state when the belt is running. The weight is transmitted to the load cell through the scale body. Together, the belt running speed at the time of system setting is constant speed, the weighing display is operated, and the instantaneous and cumulative amounts are displayed. When the system adopts the active winding equipment, the whole chain code is discharged and retracted by the electric winch, which is more convenient, quick and labor-saving.

System composition and features:

1. CLM type chain code calibration equipment consists of ball, chain, watch chain and hanging ring. It can be divided into A type and B type according to the planning type.

2. High calibration accuracy (static 0.03%, dynamic 0.1%)

3. The object check structure is simple, the cost is low, and it is closer to practice than the code-hanging device;

4. Reasonable structure, uniform composition and convenient operation; small footprint and safe and reliable system;

5. Saving manpower and high work efficiency;

6. Optional chain code for active winding equipment, convenient and fast;