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Fully enclosed belt weighing feeder

Fully enclosed belt weighing feeder

Product Details

JG C-30 fully enclosed belt weighing feeder

Structural features:

◎JG C-30 full-closed belt weighing feeder is an aspirational device that solves the pre-grinding or furnace coal measurement and realizes the coal-fired positive balance measurement. It is also suitable for other industrial sites with high requirements on the site environment. The continuous transportation and metering of bulk materials can realize open-loop and closed-loop flow control and intra-plant regional network management according to user requirements.

working principle:

◎The material enters the feeder through the control valve, and the material is conveyed continuously and evenly to the lower equipment by the conveying measuring tape inside the feeder. The electronic weighing device is installed under the conveying metering tape. The device is mainly high-precision. Electronic belt scale, weighing on the bridge

The load roller detects the weight of the material on the belt conveyor and acts on the load cell to generate a voltage proportional to the belt load.

The signal is sent to the totalizer.

◎ Together, the totalizer receives the pulse signal transmitted by the speed sensor, and obtains the instantaneous flow value and the accumulated weight value by integrating the weight signal and the speed signal.

System composition:

◎JG C-30 full-close belt weighing feeder mainly includes closing the carcass, conveying system, measuring system, temperature detection system, cleaning system and electronic control system, and can be expanded according to customer requirements.

The main parameters:

Body pressure: 0.35Mpa calibration accuracy: ±0.5% (optional ±0.25%)

Shipping ability: 1~250t/h conveyor belt width: 500~1600m

Center spacing of inlet and outlet: 3000mm, 4000mm, 5000mm, 6000mm, ≥8000mm

Speed range: 1:10 frequency conversion or mechanical stepless speed control: ≤120°C

Belt high temperature resistance: 120 ° C ~ 180 ° C (optional) Current output: 4-20mA

Communication interface: RS232 or RS485C