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Micro spiral weighing feeder

Micro spiral weighing feeder

Product Details

WLS-L series micro spiral weighing feeder

The new spiral conveying equipment breaks through the traditional design theory and concept and selects new materials and new processes.

The shipping filling rate is over 65%. The equipment is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, port, building materials, light industry, food and environmental protection industries.

The metering control of the continuous, intermittent, and proportioning of the fine powder is an aspirational device for completing the automatic control, and is particularly accustomed to occasions where the dust is large. The driving equipment does not have a separate foundation, and has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, small maintenance, long-distance monitoring, and unattended operation.

Technical indicators:

1. Weighing range: 2~500Kg

2. Flow: >=2Kg/h

3. System accuracy: <= plus or minus 0.5% single accuracy: <= plus or minus 0.25%

4. Environmental conditions:

Feeder -15 ° C ~ 80 ° C controller -10 ° C ~ 40 ° C

5. Power supply: AC380/220

6. Electrical performance:

(1) Multiple I/C ports. The software can define input and output, PID control and 4~20mA current.

(2) Set the flow rate of each line by the host computer (4~20mA current). The external PID signal controls the drive to accelerate or decelerate to reach the set flow.

(3) The control cabinet has remote control and on-site control selection. Can select remote host computer control or near-end manual control equipment feeding and discharging

(4) The feeding point can be set arbitrarily (0~100% control flow)

7. Communication port: optional RS232/RS422/Profibus-DP/CANBUS/Ethernet