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Micro dynamic belt feeder

Micro dynamic belt feeder

Product Details

WICS-DT2.4 micro dynamic belt feeder

The material is fed to the belt of the mining machine through the feeding funnel, followed by the rolling of the AC speed regulating motor, the tape moves slowly forward, and the materials on the belt are fed into the next process through the first round to realize successive feeding.

The main characteristics of the belt weighing feeder:

◆Common anti-turning skills to ensure the outstanding operation of the belt conveyor;

◆According to the process requirements, the thickness of the feed layer and the running speed of the belt conveyor can be adjusted;

◆ have a common anti-spreading process;

◆High-precision weighing system, no motion friction, minimal protection;

◆The load cell adopts double-layer sealing, which has outstanding moisture-proof, anti-corrosion function and long-term working stability;

◆Digital pulse generator, the speed signal is accurate and reliable;

◆It has the functions of automatic zero adjustment, automatic adjustment interval and automatic diagnosis of faults;

◆ With a common electronic automatic calibration or hanging code calibration function.

◆The annular skirt rubber conveyor belt can be selected according to other types;

Skill parameters:

1. Control accuracy ±0.25%~0.5%;

2. The weighing range is 2~200Kg;

3. The speed range is 0.015~0.5m/s;

4, the bandwidth is 150~400mm.

5, the power supply voltage AC 230V ± 15%, frequency 50 ± 1HZ;

6. Control interface Multiple I/O port software defines input, output, PID control and 4~20mA current.

7, the communication port can be optionally equipped with RS232/RS485/RS422/Profibus-DP/CANBUS/Ethemet

Customary occasions:

◎ Food, chemical, paper, light industry, laboratory or small flow rate, slow speed, continuous measurement of rare substances.