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Automatic cycle chain code calibration device

Automatic cycle chain code calibration device

Product Details

CLM type automatic cycle chain code calibration device

Use range:

The OCLM-X automatic cycle chain code is a dynamic calibration chain code for the electronic belt scale that runs with the belt conveyor. Comply with the rules of the People's Republic of China metrological verification procedures JJG650-90. Is an imitation load specification. It can be used as a calibration calibrator for electronic belt scales and weighing feeders.

working principle:

0 After the adjustment of the electronic belt scale is completed; the control unit that operates the automatic cycle connection code places the chain code on the conveyor belt and runs through the leather coin. Drive the chain bar and the belt to synchronize the cyclic motion. After the speed measuring device system and the metering system, the chain code component passing through the belt weighing domain during the calibration time is calculated, and a weighing component is measured by the secondary surface of the belt scale. After the correction of the belt scale, the secondary appearance completes the imitation of the belt scale. Calibration. Achieve verification purposes.

System composition and characteristics:

1. CLM-X type automatic cycle quasi-code calibration device is regulated by chain code, rubber tray and main lift. Pay to open, mechanical capture. PLC metering control system and other components.

2. Select PLC and touch screen. The system is secure and secure;

3. The calibration accuracy is high, the chain code runs synchronously with the tape, and it is closer to the actual working condition. The calibration is accurate and reliable.

4. Hanging on the rack above the belt conveyor when not working;

5. Calibration is convenient and quick;

6. The system completes the fully automatic operation, and the Zui greatly saves manpower;

7. Optional double-chain code to complete the linear calibration of the belt scale.

The main technical parameters:

O grid (kg/m) 10 20 40 60 80 100 150 200

Note: The above specifications apply to different streams and bandwidth