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Large capacity filling machine

Large capacity filling machine

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Antai 1800 screw feeding powder special packaging machine large capacity filling machine screw pushing material

The granule powder filling machine is a simple method for vibrating fast and slow feeding, infrared induction discharging, more effectively promoting quantitative accuracy, requiring manual bagging, selection of electronic induction blanking or pedal-operated blanking, all stainless steel sealing body, with Anti-corrosion, dust-proof effect.

1. The stainless steel sealing body has the effect of anti-corrosion and dust prevention.

2. The structure is made of two layers of shock absorption, the machine runs smoothly and the noise is low.

3, intelligent design, simple operation, infrared sensor switch induction blocking discharge, fine sensor quantification.

4, the distribution of the weight and the number of sub-packages, adjustable dispensing speed, set the weighing excess alarm.

5. High stability, wide application range, stable machine operation and low noise.

6: The particle powder filling machine adopts the microcomputer self-control, which makes the sub-assembly more precise and precise, and the sub-assembly is fast and the sub-assembly process is fully automated.

The filling machine adopts the microcomputer control skill, the fast, medium and slow three-speed vibration cutting mode, which can be adjusted according to the material size requirement, which is simple and convenient, and solves the defects of the traditional handicraft industry, such as cumbersome, poor hygiene, slow speed, low precision and low speed. The humanized design concept is light, flexible, energy efficient and easy to use, so that customers can truly feel the charm of technological innovation! If you need a weight loss scale or a weighing feeder, please feel free to contact us.