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Long-term filling machine

Long-term filling machine

Product Details

An Tai 8 said the head filling machine is called a multi-head machine

The multi-head filling machine adopts the microcomputer control panel, which is a high-intelligent dispensing machine with higher assembly precision, faster speed and better quality. It solves the complicated process of traditional packaging, and part of the installation is equivalent to the labor of several workers. Installed for chemical, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, factory, laboratory, and other occupations, measuring electronic sensors to replace the previous balance.

1: The multi-head filling machine selects the microcomputer self-energy control, which makes the sub-assembly more precise and precise, and the rapid and sub-packaging process is fully automated.

2: The parts that touch the material are all made of stainless steel and do not contaminate the material.

3: Two-layer shock absorbing structure, the machine runs smoothly and the noise is low.

4: Small size and light weight.

5: Very little power, saving energy.

6: oblique feeding, not kneading damaged materials, especially suitable for the packaging of fragile materials.

7: Appear the package weight and number of packages.

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