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Nut filling machine

Nut filling machine

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Antai 1000 type granular powder filling machine tea automatic quantitative filling machine miscellaneous grain nut filling machine

This repacking machine adopts microcomputer control skills, self-flow vibrating and blanking form, fast, medium and slow three-speed conditioning, which is simple and convenient, and solves the defects of traditional handicraft industry, such as cumbersome, poor hygiene, slow speed, low precision and low speed, which is humanized. The planning concept is light, flexible, energy-efficient and easy to use. The powder quantitative filling machine allows customers to truly feel the magic of technology!

Weightless scale manufacturers analyze the four major functions of packaging machinery:

Role one:

Protect packaged goods from risks and damage such as leakage, waste, theft, loss, scattering, doping, shrinkage and discoloration. The protection measures are important from the time the product comes out to the use. If the package cannot protect the inside of the product, the package is a kind of failure.

Role two:

Convenience. Manufacturers, marketers and customers have to move their products from one local to another (tea packaging machine). Toothpaste or nails can be easily moved in the storage compartment, and the inconvenient packaging of pickles and washing powder. It has been replaced by the current small package, when it is very convenient for consumers to buy and take home.

Role three:

In order to distinguish, the product type, quantity, brand and the name of the manufacturer or retailer must be indicated on the package. Packaging can help warehouse managers accurately find products and help consumers find what they want.