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Granular powder filling machine

Granular powder filling machine

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An Tai 2000 granule powder filling machine miscellaneous grains nut medicine food filling bagging packaging machine

The self-made powder filling machine computer board is made of imported computer board, which is stable in operation and accurate in dispensing. It can be used for small items such as rice, grain, medicinal materials, tea, dry goods, parts, fruits, seasonings, seeds, powders, fertilizers, etc. Packed together, it can also be applied to the dispensing of various types of tea, including strip-shaped and granular tea leaves.

1: The self-made powder filling machine adopts the microcomputer self-energy control, which makes the sub-assembly more precise and accurate, and the process of sub-assembly is fully automated.

2: The parts that touch the material are all made of stainless steel and do not contaminate the material.

3: Double shock absorption structure, the machine runs smoothly and the noise is low.

4: Small in size and light in weight.

5: Very little power, saving energy.

6: oblique feeding, not kneading damaged materials, especially suitable for the packaging of fragile materials.

7: The package component and the number of packages are displayed.

8: Adjustable packaging speed.

9: Set the weighing excess alarm.

10: Stainless steel plate, never rust.

1, modified version of the powder quantitative filling machine, can be divided into fine powder, can reach the powder will not stick to the weighing bucket.

2, can be automatically weighed and measured, multi-functional packaging, suitable for more varieties of goods

3. The powder quantitative filling machine adopts stainless steel casing, which is exquisite and high-end.

4, full intelligent planning, simple operation, infrared sensor switch induction blocking discharge, precision sensor quantitative, 3 levels of sensation cutting, adjustable

5, the microcomputer motherboard is more energy-efficient, fast, small error, high function, can be filled, bagged, about 25 bags a minute to see different items,