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Herbal powder automatic filling machine

Herbal powder automatic filling machine

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安太6000 super large capacity granular powder filling machine grain cereal medicine powder automatic filling machine

Most of these equipments are not perfect in the granule packaging machine in terms of the effect of packaging powdered materials and the compatibility of material types. So, how to deal with the problem of spreading the granule packing machine?

First of all, the powder type product has small particles, and it is easy to cause a powder "reverse" phenomenon during the packaging process. The "counter-attack" phenomenon will result in a tight seal of the packaging and will inevitably pollute the working environment. Because the vertical packaging machine is vertically unloaded, the distance between the feeding opening and the bottom of the packaging bag is large, and the bag is made at the same time of packaging. In the process of cutting, the material is slipped into the bag with the packaging material as a “slide”, if When the powder is lifted, it will contaminate the seal and the seal will not be sealed. As a result, the quality of the product is often affected.

The horizontal automatic packaging machine adopts the filling method of the first bag after the bag is cut, and the lowering port can directly deepen the bottom of the bag to discharge, so as to avoid dust rising. If the powder particles are extremely thin and easily lifted, a suction device can be added to the upper seal to suck off a small amount of powder adsorbed at the mouth of the bag. In addition, the horizontal automatic packaging machine uses five transverse seals to reinforce the seal.