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Automatic quantitative filling machine

Automatic quantitative filling machine

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Weighing feeder manufacturers bring you to understand Antai 610B spiral type particle packing machine black tea green tea medicine tea automatic quantitative filling machine

The powder quantitative filling machine adopts the intelligent microcomputer control system, which is convenient and simple to operate. It has the advantages of economical and practical environmental protection, energy saving and sanitation, which makes your business opportunities unlimited. It is a good helper for all kinds of powder powder materials. The powder quantitative filling machine is suitable for dispensing granular materials such as rice grains, medicinal materials, tea leaves, dry goods, parts, fruits, seasonings, seeds, powders, fertilizers, etc.

1. The modified version of the powder quantitative filling machine can be divided into fine powders, so that the powder will not stick to the weighing bucket.

2, can be actively weighed and measured, multi-functional packaging, suitable for more types of goods

3, the powder quantitative filling machine uses stainless steel casing, the appearance is exquisite and high-end.

4, full intelligent planning, simple operation, infrared sensor switch induction blocking discharge, fine sensor quantitative, 3 levels of sensation cutting, adjustable

5, the microcomputer motherboard is more durable and energy-saving, fast, small mistakes, high performance, can be filled, bagged, about 25 bags a minute to see different items,