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What is the purpose of analyzing the weightless scale?
- 2019-05-15-

What is the role of the weightless scale? Who can know the role of the weightless scale? We can't use it at all times, and it is still a weightless scale. It feels unbalanced. How can we scale things? Think about what this thing is for. However, after careful study, I realized that its use is so large, bringing so much convenience to the people, then we will talk about what the weightless scale is.

With the development of the society, the variety of scales is also more and more, there are steel scales, platform scales, case scales, spring scales, electronic scales, pallet balances, electronic scales, loader electronic scales, so many scales are satisfied with various needs. Our weightless scales for today's words apply to the control of fine materials such as cement, lime powder and coal powder. It is a weighing device for continuous feeding of continuous feeding. Because the loss control is carried out in the hopper, it can reach relatively high handling precision, and the structure is relatively easy to seal, so it is relative to the spiral when the powder is handled. The comparison of scales has been greatly improved.

In the work, the weightless scale is operated according to the decreasing speed of the material component in the weighing bucket to control the discharging screw machine or the electric vibration machine, so that the intention of quantitative feeding can be reached, when the material of the weighing bucket reaches the lower weighing limit position. The discharge screw machine will control the discharge amount, and the material in the silo will be quickly lowered into the weighing hopper. When the loading amount reaches the weighing upper limit, the charging will be actively stopped. This is the weight loss scale and it. How it works.

Although they are all scales, they are really different in use. Other scales are used to weigh the weight of objects. The weightless scales are convenient for the breeding industry. Feeding is convenient. In fact, it is a feeder. Use it. Later, labor was saved, and more problems were dealt with in industrial production.