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Explain the calibration technique for the weighing feeder
- 2019-05-15-

The weighing feeder is dedicated to the weighing and feeding equipment of various bulk materials. It can dynamically weigh, accumulate and control the flow of materials in the feeding process, and then achieve accurate measurement. At present, weighing feeders have been widely used in chemical, metallurgy, building materials, food and other industries.

The weighing feeder is divided into three different modes: light load, medium load and heavy load. The weighing flow is from 50 kg per hour to 1200 tons per hour, the belt width is from 300 mm to 2000 mm, and the length is from 1 m to tens. The structure of the meter is divided into open, semi-closed and fully enclosed structures, which can be adapted to different sites to meet the needs of various users.

However, there is still a big technical problem in the weighing feeder that has not been defeated. That is because it solves the problem of on-line calibration. The measurement accuracy of the operation process is low, which seriously affects the accuracy of the ratio of the feedstock. Come to lose.

In response to this problem, the dynamic code material calibration technology was specially developed for it, which completely solved the problem that the weighing feeder could not be online and timely material calibration. Moreover, based on the dynamic code material calibration technology, the upper-weight weighing feeder has a test error of less than 0.5%.

The dynamic code material calibration technology of the weighing feeder is supported by four load cells. After the upper layer pre-feeder feeding mode, the static weight is used as the reference to weigh the material weight value and its dynamic weighing value. Compare and correct the span calibration coefficient to complete the calibration. In order to improve the weighing accuracy of the feeder, in the normal feeding operation of the stainless steel pill, the time can be automatically set according to the need to set the time to automatically enter the dynamic code material calibration technology to adjust the zero and adjust the range, and complete the on-line calibration.