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Check chain code

Check chain code

Product Details

The verification chain code equipment is a device for dynamic verification of the electronic belt scale installed on the belt conveyor. It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, docks, building materials, coal mines and other places where electronic belt scales are used to measure bulk materials. The verification chain code device can perform dynamic active verification of the accuracy of the electronic belt scale, and is usually used for verifying various types of electronic belt scales with an accuracy level between (0.5) and (2.0).

The chain code simulates the load of each material on the belt on the belt, and the two ends are pulled with an elastic rope in an "eight" shape to prevent deviation or the latter slides with the belt, and the length should cover the weighing bracket of the electronic belt scale. The roller and the front and rear two sets of rollers record the length of the belt and the number of running coils. As the reference value of the chain code, the accumulated value of the weighing display is compared with the reference value, and the practical error of the electronic belt scale can be confirmed. Is the accuracy qualified?

High calibration accuracy;

The chain code is closed for storage, and the dustproof, anticorrosive and moistureproof effects are good;

The comparison structure of Bish object is simple and low in cost, and it is closer to practice than the code-hanging device;

Reasonable structure and convenient operation;

Small footprint, safe and reliable system;

Save manpower and material resources and work efficiently;

High degree of automation, more convenient, convenient and labor-saving.