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Explosion-proof control cabinet

Explosion-proof control cabinet

Product Details

The explosion-proof control cabinet is presented for the purpose of handling safe handling and storage problems. Its structure is mostly modular. The outer casing is made of cast aluminum alloy material, and some parts are welded by carbon steel or stainless steel. A small portion of the outer casing is made of insulating material. The interior is mainly composed of electrical components such as circuit breakers, touch sensors, thermal relays, transfer switches, explosion-proof lights, and explosion-proof buttons. Users can supply drawings and skill requirements according to their own needs. Customized explosion-proof control cabinets are made by professional explosion-proof electrical appliance manufacturers. The explosion-proof grade is mostly IIBT4 grade, and Zui high can reach IICT6 grade. It is mainly suitable for flammable and explosive occasions, safety factor. High, powerful operation and stable performance.

Explosion-proof power distribution cabinet maintenance precautions:

1. It is necessary for the operator of the explosion-proof power distribution cabinet to wear anti-static clothing. It is not allowed to operate with empty hands or wet gloves.

2. Check whether the attachments of the device are good. If the maintenance orientation of some things is damaged, the device will become a dangerous item.

3. After the explosion-proof power distribution cabinet is connected to the power supply, some people will check whether the line of the explosion-proof power distribution cabinet is energized. At this time, it is impossible to touch the touch directly or touch the body directly, even if the explosion-proof power distribution cabinet has factory inspection. But not sweeping every local is safe. Also, when the explosion-proof power distribution cabinet is running, it must not be disassembled. It is necessary to disconnect the power supply first, and then test with the test pencil that there is no power, so that the disassembly and repair work can be performed.

4. If you can, Zui is good at repairing the explosion-proof power distribution cabinet. Many people are on the scene, so even if one person has an accident, some other people may have a chance to rescue. The above is the summary of the factory weight loss scale manufacturers for everyone.