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Coal handling program control system

Coal handling program control system

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System Overview:

◎ Coal handling program control system is a computerized control system that completes the automation of coal transportation process. It collects, displays and controls all the equipment of coal transportation equipment. The system consists of on-site control equipment, PLC, industrial control computer, with belt automatic coal, coal warehouse automatic coal blending, computer monitoring, screen parameter prompts, voice alarm, automatic broadcast call, print report and other functions.

System Components:

◎ Coal handling program control system uses distributed control system (centralized processing, decentralized control system).

Batching scale system function:

· Coal handling: complete the automatic start and stop of coal handling equipment and maintenance interlock, output indication, emergency trip, etc., complete the coal automation;

· Bucket wheel stacking control: used for coal mining and coal removal;

· Coal blending control: The coal volume distribution of the raw coal bunker of the main plant is determined by component sensor, ultrasonic level gauge or other level detecting equipment. Commonly used coal blending equipment includes plow type coal unloader and coal unloading truck;

·Transport station control: It is used for switching between operation modes and ways. It mainly controls the flow dividing devices such as baffles, coal gates, gates, etc. It also includes auxiliary equipment such as magnet separators, metal detectors, wood block separators and Coal machine and other controls;

Coal crusher control: for coal pulverizer start, stop control and overload maintenance, vibration, over temperature maintenance interlock;

·Measuring equipment: Electronic belt scale with instantaneous value, cumulative value indication, printing, and record, which can display and record the amount of coal and coal consumption;

·Assisted system control: including sampling equipment, dust removal and dust collection equipment, HVAC, flushing sewage, eliminating fire and other equipment;

Signal alarm system: safety maintenance actions of equipment and personnel, abnormal equipment, high, low, ultra-high, ultra-low coal level between coal bunkers, power supply failure, coal handling equipment and auxiliary, fire, dust removal, dust collection, sampling, warming The fault of the system is alarmed by the event;

· Control screen: A control panel that completes the above various control requirements and signal indications. The screen has a system-wide simulation process indication.