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Weighing feeder's speed sensor method, which do you know?
- 2019-05-15-

The speed sensor is attributed to the component of the main detection speed during the weighing process, which directly affects the measurement accuracy of the feeding process. Therefore, when selecting and equipping the speed sensor, it must be more cautious. So what are the current methods of measuring the speed sensor of the domestic weighing feeder?

One is a speed measuring roller plus a speed measuring sensor. The speed measuring sensor of this mode is a yellow cast aluminum outer casing, and the drum and the speed measuring sensor are softly connected. The speed measuring sensor of this mode is suitable for the weighing feeder with relatively small bandwidth. When ordering the speed measuring drum for the weighing feeder, the relevant parameters are provided, including the width of the equipment, the diameter of the drum, the length of the cylinder, the length of the whole drum, the bearing type of the speed measuring drum, and the connection method of the speed sensor.

There is also a single and two-wheel speed measuring sensor, which uses an integrated speed measuring device, and the speed measuring sensor device is inside the speed measuring device, which can greatly improve the concentricity of the speed measuring sensor and the speed measuring roller; together with the speed measuring sensor maintain.

When measuring the speed sensor in the weighing feeder, it is required to press the speed measuring roller against the return belt, so that the speed measuring device can be fixed on the conveyor through the angle bracket, which has the advantages of convenient equipment and small maintenance during operation. The speed measuring roller here is encapsulated, which more accurately detects the running speed of the belt and then ensures the feeding accuracy.

The weighing feeder has a volumetric metering function, so when the electronic weighing system is faulty, it can be converted into a volumetric measurement method, and an alarm signal is sent to prompt the operator to detect the problem in time, and then reduce the occurrence of measurement errors. At the same time, the pressure-bearing plan is adopted in the casing of the weighing feeder, the entrance and exit gate door, the inlet and outlet drop pipe, the adjustable coupling, etc., and can withstand the high pressure without being damaged. The inner sealing air of the device is evenly adjustable, and then it is useful to prevent the hot air powder in the machine from returning to the string, and together prevent the feeding on the belt.

In order to facilitate the investigation, a reasonable investigation window is set on the body of the weighing feeder, and there is an explosion-proof lighting lamp to investigate the operation of the equipment. And the main drive roller of the conveying mechanism increases the anti-slip function, and the forced roller has a self-cleaning function. The belt tensioning device is well-adjusted and convenient, so that the belt maintains a constant tension and ensures accurate measurement.

In addition, the weighing feeder also has the monitoring and alarming functions of material loss, material blocking and insufficient feeding. Therefore, monitoring of material blocking and material breaking is provided at the coal bunker outlet, the feeder belt and the feeder outlet. Equipment can be discovered and processed in a timely manner once problems are discovered.