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Is the accuracy of the weighing feeder high?
- 2019-05-15-

Because the weighing feeder is difficult to perform on-line calibration, the measurement accuracy of the operation process is low, which seriously affects the accuracy of the feed ratio and brings losses to the production. In order to deal with this problem, an upper feed weighing feeder based on dynamic and static code material calibration skills was developed.

The weighing feeder can be divided into three different modes: light load, medium load and heavy load. The weighing flow is from 50 kg per hour to 1200 tons per hour, the belt width is from 300 mm to 2000 mm, and the length is from 1 Meters to tens of meters, adapt to different sites to meet the needs of various users.

Nevertheless, the accuracy of the weighing feeder has yet to be improved. After the improvement, the equipment can be combined with the electric control and computer to form a batching control system. The system has data collection, control, alarm, graphics and data display. Function, can complete the proportion control of materials and various data management in the production process according to the setting requirements.

In the whole upper weighing feeder, the core lies in the static and static code material calibration skill, which is supported by four load cells, and is fed by the upper pre-feeder. The static weight is selected as the reference weighing material weight. Compared with its dynamic weighing value, the span calibration coefficient is corrected to complete the calibration.

During operation, the pre-feeder and the weighing feeder are stopped together, and the static weight is used to calibrate the weighing feeder; then the pre-feeder is started together with the weighing feeder, and the pre-feeder feeds, The length of the stream is less than the length of the weighing feeder, and the dynamic weighing results in the apparent amount.

Then, the pre-feeder stops first, and the obtained amount of the obtained material is all on the upper weighing feeder. After the weighing feeder is stopped, the static weighing is obtained to obtain the standard material value; the Zui will finally show the material value and specification. The material value comparison corrects the error and obtains a new range calibration coefficient.