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Why can't we control the material of the feeder?
- 2019-05-15-

In the process of feeding the weighing feeder, it was found that its control microcomputer showed that the reaction flow was shaken, but the metering system was normal, and the weighing method was proved to lack the necessary steady flow method. Because it is found through on-site observation that the material package is in the tight air, the flow rate is not controlled by the DCS set value, which not only affects the accuracy of the weighing feed, but also constitutes production suspension.

Through the analysis of the problem, it is precisely the recovery of the material's activity changes, it will tighten the airflow of the material, and then fly out of the fly ash. When the metering equipment of the weighing and feeding device is mixed with the air, the air and the material, the flow rate is greatly changed under the two effects of gravity and pressure, causing the flow rate reaction to fluctuate sharply.

Especially in the storage of fly ash, the tightening air cannot be discharged through the bag filter in time, which constitutes the pressure in the liquid storage tank, which causes the material to be fluidized and constitutes punching. Others, the opening of the gate valve and the dynamic scheduling of the flow rate did not achieve the desired results.

In order to stabilize the material flow rate and improve the accuracy of the weighing feed, the gas content in the material guess should be minimized, and the drastic driving effect of the tightening air on the material flow rate should be eliminated. Once the gas enters the bottom unloading measurement system, it is difficult to eliminate. To this end, the rigid impeller feeder in the lower part of the gate valve has a gap of 2 mm between the impeller and the inner wall of the casing, and the edge of the blade is 3 mm thick with wear-resistant rubber to make the blade closely fit the inner wall of the casing.

When the impeller rolls, the continuity of the airflow within the material is destroyed, and then the vortex pump acts to confirm the air. In order to improve the steady flow effect of weighing and feeding, a cone-shaped stable silo is installed in the lower part of the rigid impeller feeder. Because the equipment is equipped with a load cell, it can be automatically controlled by interlocking control with a rigid impeller feeder. Quantitative feeding.