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What requirements should be met in the process of electronic batching scale?
- 2019-05-15-

Regarding the batching scale, the following will mainly be concerned with the one for the electronic batching scale, since this is also a common and common one. If it is from a professional point of view, it is a kind of equipment that can realize automatic control according to the ingredient requirements and carry out the ingredients of various materials together. Therefore, its scope of application is very extensive.

1. Electronic batching scale, in the absence of materials, why there is a cumulative component when rolling? Can the single-chip system be used in the appearance of electronic batching scales?

Electronic batching scale, in the absence of material, if there is a cumulative component when rolling, then there may be a problem in the button setting, because in the electronic batching scale, there is a special button for accumulating components. In addition, regarding the appearance of the electronic batching scale, it is able to use the single-chip system, and the application is also very good.

2. The requirements for the technical requirements of the electronic batching scale

The electronic batching scale, which meets the requirements in the process, mainly has the following four points, the details of which are:

Process requirement 1: Regarding the configuration of the electronic batching scale, it can be set into a variety of working modes to meet different process requirements.

Process requirement 2: At the feed rate, it should be able to achieve slow and fast feeding, and other feeding methods, etc., and it can be adjusted to have the right speed.

Process requirement 3: Regarding the batching mixing system, there should be chain equipment or chain function, in this way, the orderly and normal operation of the system can be guaranteed.

Process requirement 4: The batching system in the electronic batching scale should have some maintenance functions, such as power outage maintenance functions, to ensure its safety.

3. What is the main purpose of the SM60 series batching scale?

Among the specifications of the electronic batching scale, the SM60 series batching scale is one of them. In detail, it is the operation of dynamic weighing, accumulating and flow control of materials. Therefore, it is a kind of equipment that can be used for weighing materials in the chemical, food, metallurgy and building materials industries.