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What are the precautions when installing the weightless scale?
- 2019-05-15-

In the process of using the device for the first time, the weighing platform must be firmly fixed. The weighing sensor of the weightless scale is an elastic deformation component. If the outside is oscillating, the weighing sensor will be disturbed, which will affect the measurement accuracy. The weightless scale can't have air activity in the environment at the time of use. If any wind and grass movement occurs, it will directly cause the sensor to be disturbed, especially when the flow is small.

The upper and lower soft connection requirements of the weightless scale are light and soft, which can be used to avoid interference between the upper and lower equipment on the weightless scale. Now the equipment used by the equipment is ideal for smooth and soft silk, between the hopper and the large silo. The shorter the connection interval, the better. The longer the connection interval between the upper hopper and the large silo of the weightless scale, the more material adhering to the wall will become more and more, when the material in the wall adheres to a certain extent, once Falling down is a very big disturbance to the weightless scale.

The weight loss scale needs to minimize the connection with the outside world during the operation. The external weight of the equipment on the scale body must be constant. The main intention is to reduce the external force on the scale body. influences. In the feeding process of the weightless scale, the speed is fast. For the materials with poor mobility, it is necessary to avoid the bridge. The good solution is to mix, but when adding the mixing equipment, the range of the sensor should be considered to ensure the weight loss. The accuracy of the scale.

The weightless scale has brought us a lot of convenience, and the use of weightless scales has been inseparable from the industrial and aquaculture industries. Let's talk about the scale first, which is a tool for determining the quality of an object. With the development of the society, the variety of scales is also more and more, there are steel scales, platform scales, case scales, spring scales, electronic scales, pallet balances, electronic scales, loader electronic scales. The weight loss scale is more suitable for the control of fine materials such as cement, lime powder and coal powder.