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What factors can damage the power of the electronic belt
- 2019-05-15-

The electronic belt scale external force hits the electrical factors:

1) The detector signal is disturbed. The front panel receives the weak current signal generated by the ionization chamber. After amplification, it is transmitted to the host through the shielded cable. If the electromagnetic disturbance is too large or the host side shield is poorly grounded, the signal will be disturbed and a large shake will occur. To deal with this problem, the shield line detector should be suspended, the host end should be well grounded, and the ionization chamber should be isolated from the sleeve.

2) The ionization chamber and the front panel are damp. Sometimes the humidity is too large and the rubber gasket of the sleeve is not tightly sealed, which will cause the high voltage of the ionization chamber and the collector ceramic insulator to be exposed to moisture. The front plate is damp and the negative pressure is low. The current in the ionization chamber is smaller than usual. . The insulation performance of the ion-chamber electrode ceramic insulator can be checked. The insulation resistance of the high-voltage pole and the collector pole to the outer casing should be tested by using 1000 V or 2500 V megohmmeter respectively. It should indicate infinity, otherwise use a clean acetone or alcohol cotton ball to wipe more times. , Zui is finally blown dry with a hair dryer to ensure that the insulator is dry and clean.

3) The characteristics of electronic components are unstable. The high resistance value in the front plate reaches 5Gl, and the temperature coefficient is large. Therefore, the nuclear scale uses a heating belt and the like to heat the ionization chamber and the front plate to the whole temperature to protect it from environmental temperature changes. influences. When the temperature is at a high temperature for a long time, the quality of some components is degraded, the characteristics are unstable, and the signal is shaken. If the leakage of the high-voltage system capacitor causes the alternating capacitance on the electrode of the ionization chamber, the output signal will be greatly shaken, and the damage of the filter capacitor will greatly increase the signal noise voltage.

At the same time, the structure of the electronic belt scale is integral. If there is no big impact or an accident, no repair is required, but proper daily maintenance must be carried out.

(1) The sensor should be cleaned frequently, and a set of parallel spring plates and weighing frames on the support weighing frame should also be cleaned.

(2) The rolling axis of the speed sensor should be viewed frequently, so that it can be flexibly rolled, and the speed sensor should be able to float up and down to ensure that the friction wheel can be pressed normally on the return conveyor.

(3) The tape orientation of the conveyor should be checked frequently to keep the tension of the tape balanced.

(4) When repairing the body, the load cell and protection angle of the belt scale should be removed to avoid damage to the sensor.

(5) It is forbidden to stay in people or heavy objects on weighing equipment.

(6) The micro-control instrument is a high-precision product, and the time for repair and replacement should be completed by professionals.