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How to solve the problem that the electronic belt scale is still not approved after calibration
- 2019-06-11-

After many time-division electronic belt scales have been calibrated, the measurement accuracy will be greatly improved, but there are no special conditions. Sometimes the electronic belt scales are still inaccurate after calibration. So what is this? ? Today, Xiaobian will give us an analysis of what caused it.

The reasons why the electronic belt scale is not approved after calibration are as follows:

1. The material used for calibration is not allowed. Because in the calibration process, the requirements are not only accurate, but also do not have residual or hourglass during transportation. Once these conditions are presented, the electronic belt scale may be poorly calibrated.

2. The zero point of the electronic belt scale is not calibrated. Zero calibration is required before the physical calibration.

3, the conveyor deviation or sometimes deviation, sometimes not deviation.

4, the electronic belt scale device is not appropriate, without the correct device scale rack will also lead to the electronic belt scale metering ban.

5. There is a problem with the sensor or meter.

In summary, after the electronic belt scale is calibrated, it is not allowed to be caused by the above reasons. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy of the electronic belt scale, the apparatus of the electronic belt scale is still strictly based on the calibration. The relevant procedures are operated to avoid the weighing accuracy of the electronic belt scale due to problems such as improper installation.