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What is weight loss?
- 2019-06-18-

The principle of weightless scales and its application Loss-in-weight (English Loss-in-weight) was applied to the continuous weighing of industrial process weighing in the 1990s. Weightless scales gradually replace belt scales, screw scales, and even scales. As a new measurement method, they are gradually applied to more and more material processing. 1. Basic principle: The weighing scale and feeding mechanism are used as the whole scale body. The weight signal is sampled by the meter continuously, and the change ratio of the weight in unit time is calculated as the instantaneous flow rate. The acquisition of this flow is very important and is the basis for the accurate measurement of the weightless scale. Through the internal algorithm of our company LEC-201 instrument, the control operation of the target flow is approached, and the adjustment signal is output to control the feeder controller such as the inverter. 2. The application of the weightless scale in practice: It can be seen from the principle that it is not affected by the mechanical changes of the scale body and the feeding mechanism. It only calculates the weight difference (differential weight), compared with the traditional dynamic metering method. The advantages are self-evident. When the control object is flow rate (t/h, kg/min), and the material can be transported well and the measurement accuracy is high, the weight loss method can be used as a good solution. 3, the technical characteristics of the weight loss scale 1) system accuracy high weight loss scale work, the measurement of the silo is actually done under static, according to the two working conditions measured two weight difference to calculate the flow. The difference between the difference and the flow setpoint can also be compensated in the next cycle, and the two weight measurement times are completed in a few minutes, independent of sensor zero drift and temperature drift. Therefore, a relatively high measurement accuracy can be obtained, and the system measurement accuracy can reach 0.5%. 2) Fully enclosed stainless steel structure, suitable for all kinds of harsh field equipment systems are all steel, generally stainless steel, suitable for occasions with poor environmental conditions, and has a strong Durable, low maintenance, not afraid of high temperature materials. Many mission mining companies are large consumers of electricity, so how to save energy is also an important issue. Because the weight-loss scale adopts a fully enclosed structure, no dust is generated during the batching process, the dust-removing device is saved, the structure is simple, and the belt scale and the like are not required, which saves equipment investment, saves electric energy, and improves production efficiency.

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