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Dry powder ejector

Dry powder ejector

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Dry powder ejectors are vacuum-acquisition devices that use fluids to transfer energy and mass. They are mainly used in power plants, fertilizer plants, waste heat heating equipment, refrigeration, and transport of solid particulate matter. In addition to its own simple structure, the system of dry powder ejector and various equipment is also very simple, manufacturing is not messy, and it is widely used in engineering. In the field of power engineering technology, dry powder ejector is mainly used in power plants, waste heat treatment equipment for waste water in chemical fertilizer plants, refrigeration, transportation of solid particles and so on.

A vacuum obtaining device that uses a fluid to transfer energy and mass, and selects a water flow having a certain pressure to be ejected through a nozzle that is symmetrically distributed to a certain side slope, and is concentrated at a focus. Because the jet water flow rate is particularly high, the principle of the weight loss scale is to convert the pressure energy into velocity energy, so that the pressure in the suction zone is reduced to generate a vacuum. Several high-speed water streams will be taken away by the pumped gas, and the venturi shortening section and the throat diameter will be mixed and compacted to carry out molecular dispersion energy exchange and the speed is balanced. The pressure is increased at the speed of the expansion section, and the atmospheric pressure is injected from the outlet into the water storage tank (pool), and the non-condensable gas is precipitated. The water is recycled by the centrifugal pump to complete the suction process.