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Dry powder ejector manufacturer

Dry powder ejector manufacturer

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Such a device is called an ejector in which two fluids of different pressures are mixed with one another and energy exchange occurs to form a mixed fluid of intermediate pressure. The mixed fluid is divided into a gas (vapor) phase, a liquid phase, or a mixture of gas (steam), liquid, and solid. Once entered the device, the medium with higher pressure is called the working medium. The working medium flow is called a working fluid. The working fluid exits the nozzle at a very high speed, enters the susceptor's receiving chamber, and carries the lower pressure medium in front of the ejector. The fluid that is carried away is called an ejecting fluid. Usually in the ejector, the initial energy or thermal energy of the working fluid is converted into kinetic energy.

The kinetic energy of the working fluid is transferred to the ejector fluid. During the movement along the ejector, the velocity of the mixed fluid is gradually equalized, and the kinetic energy of the mixed fluid is instead converted into potential or thermal energy.

The working medium fluid and the ejector medium fluid enter the mixing chamber for equalization of the velocity, usually with an increase in pressure. The fluid exits the mixing chamber and enters the diffuser, and the pressure continues to rise. At the diffuser outlet, the pressure of the mixed fluid is higher than the pressure of the ejector fluid as it enters the receiving chamber. Progressively ejector fluid pressure without directly consuming mechanical energy, which is the performance of the main zui base of the ejector.

Because of this nature, in many technical sectors, the choice of ejector is better than the use of mechanical pressurization equipment (compressors, pumps, blowers and induced draft fans, etc.), making it possible to obtain a more simple and more reliable technical solution.